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About Us

Easy Transactional Funding

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Easy Transactional Funding is owned and operated by Strategic Resource Management, Inc. (SRM), a California corporation that was created in 2004 for the purpose of investing in and managing assets within the residential and commercial real estate sectors. SRM is a privately funded company.

The principals within the company have been investing in and managing real estate investments since 1996. We understand real estate, and we understand the needs and concerns of real estate investors and borrowers.

Since 2009, SRM’s activities have focused on private money lending to real estate professionals, and recently we’ve added Easy Transactional Funding as a department that offers the service of transactional funding, in order to accommodate real estate wholesalers and investors.

We strive to make it as easy and affordable as possible for our Borrowers to access capital for transactional funding.

SRM offers rapid and reliable funding so as to facilitate fast, smooth closings in order to ensure that you expand your real estate business and profits.

We are continuously seeking feedback from our Borrowers for the purpose of improving and optimizing our system in order to make our transactional funding service the best experience possible for you. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

We endeavor to become your “go to” company for all of your transactional funding needs.