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Our Privacy Policy

Easy Transactional Funding

Easy Transactional Funding

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Easy Transactional Funding

We collect certain information from our Clients, such as: contact info, involved partys' contact info, transaction details, etc. in order to supply Proof of Funds Letters ; process requests for funding ; assist a Client with a difficulty or problem related to their transactions ; and other business related activities.

Our Clients’ contact information is strictly confidential and will never be given or sold to any third party. There is never any dissemination, distribution, duplication or any other actions taken with the personal, financial or business information of our Clients, or their business associations.

We never give out any information that our Clients submit to us. (The exception to this policy would be in a matter of mandatory compliance due to a law enforcement issue.)

Personal and business information is only collected from our Clients through the contact and submission forms on our secure website. Our website does not contain or utilize any programs that gather information from our Clients’ computers.

To execute their transactions, our Clients will submit their personal information and documents to a closing agent (escrow officer, attorney or title officer) who is licensed, bonded and insured, and acts in the capacity of a neutral third party to protect our Client's information and interests.

Any information voluntarily provided by our Clients will be solely used by SRM, Inc. for internal business purposes only. Our Client's personal and financial information will never be sold to or shared with any third parties.

Our Clients can be assured that our website is a secure site. Our site is hosted by GoDaddy Operating  Company, LLC, which utilizes the highest level of security that the industry offers. Any and all information that our Clients send to or receive from our website will be encrypted (unreadable to anyone but our Client and us). This encryption protects the website from hackers and identity thieves. Our Client's information remains private and just between us.

You can see that our website is verified and secure by the trust indication at the bottom of every web page. To confirm for yourself that our website is safe for sending and receiving sensitive information, click on the trust seal at the bottom of any website page to view our SSL certificate's status and details.